Face Painting – A Great Childrens Birthday Party Idea

Face Painting Perth

When it comes to ideas for your child’s birthday party you have a multitude of different options to chose from.

Do you decide on an:

– – Inside party

– – Themed party

– – Outside party

Do you hire special children’s entertainment?

– – What about the food?

– – The party bags?

– – The music?

Will you cook everything yourself or hire a caterer?

Will you have helpers or will you try to manage everything yourself?

HINT: Kids are excitable enough WITHOUT attending a birthday party but throw 25 of them in one place with heaps of yummy (sugar filled) treats and you can feel as if you have a mini riot on your hands!

Face Painting – Guaranteed to Capture Attention

As a loving parent, you want to give your child an experience a birthday party that will create happy memories to last a lifetime.

Stop and think for a moment…

One great way to do that is to include professional face painting as a feature in your childs party.

Benefits of Face Painting

– – Face painting uses natural, chemical-free paints.

– – Face Painting makes kids stop and line up eagerly awaiting their turn.

– – face painting give you a fantastic opportunity to take a digital picture of each child that you can easily print off for them to take home. It will be something that can capture a memory and allow them to go back and experience a warm, happy feeling for many years to come.

Guidelines For Choosing the Right Face Painter

1. Do they have experience?

2. Can they show you a current police clearance certificate?

3. Do they have testimonials from other satisfied clients?

Face painting is not the be all and end all in Perth children’s birthday ideas but it is definitely up there amongst the best ones.