Face the Future With Confidence

Have you ever found yourself lacking the confidence needed to do your job successfully? You’re not alone! How can you develop more confidence not only in your career but in your life as well?

First off, find out what makes you a star. Gather a notebook and get to work! Make two   columns . One  column  will be all of your best qualities. Don’t hold back, patronize yourself! You’re obviously smart; you’re reading a great article aren’t you? Yes, go ahead and include your eighth grade spelling bee win. This list isn’t just about qualities; it is also about your accomplishments. You may ask friends close to you what habits they appreciate about you and include these comments as well.

Please take a few moments to meditate on what you have written – these are all the reasons why you are a valuable employee.

Now, in the second  column , honestly record some of the items you know that you could do better in. There is no shame in admitting these, we all have weaknesses. Some are worse than others. Admitting them is the first step toward fixing them.

At this point, meditate only on your  column  of good habits. This list is your personal cheerleader. When you feel that a task is too difficult to perform, feel free to pull out your list and reexamine why you are a valuable employee and a good person.

So you have a whole page of great qualities, but you still feel that you’re just not good at your job. What can make it better?

Fear is the unknown. Anytime we are in a situation that is uncommon, we are going to have a degree of fear. What is the best way to conquer such fear? Stare it straight in the eyes. How? The more we know about what to expect, the less fear we will have.

Research the goal or task troubling you. Find out how it can be accomplished, just as if you were preparing for battle. What qualities do those who have faced this task successfully had that you are lacking? Many times you will find that those less equipped than you have done a good job at the assignment in question. This fact will give you more confidence. Tackle your task with both guns blazing, and don’t look back.

With each accomplishment, take a moment to recognize what you have achieved. Even write them down in your notebook for future consideration.

We all have what it takes to be great, no matter what our background or lifestyle has been in the past. But in order to take advantage of our true abilities, we must let go of the culture of failure that is holding us back. Such culture can come from our upbringing, our co-workers, our friends, or simply through challenging circumstances that have faced us all.

Do not be content to follow the leader. Instead, use your mind to contemplate how and why rules work. Doing so will instill in you principles that you can carry with you through different jobs the rest of your life.

Finding your inner strength is the key to happiness and success. Now that you have your notebook of success, and a list of what you need keep working on, you can face the world with confidence that you are a proven winner!