Face Workout

Our skin needs pampering in some ways or another. Having a face massage occasionally helps you achieve beautiful skin. Just like exercising, a quick weekly session on the face will eliminate eye bags and puffiness in your skin. Massages have their benefits: it helps us to relax, detoxify our body and improve our blood circulation.

Massage maybe deemed as personal luxury by some and by others, necessity. If you do not want to do in a salon, you can always DIY. In fact, DIY is one of the best ways because it can be done wherever and whenever you want and it's free.

To begin with, we know that our body has toxins, caused by the foods we ingested, pollutants in our surroundings and stress in our lives. Our lymphatic system consists of a network of vessels that move fluid in our body. Essential functions of these vessels include removal of toxins from our cells through lymph drainage where toxins are directed to the nearest lymph node for dispersal. Through massage, we are promoting drainage by improving the flow of fluid through our body, getting rid of unwanted waste products, reducing toxins accumulation.

Here's one short section of Diana Moran's book entitled Fresh Face that gave tips on how to do that Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

1. Applied oil to hands. With sweeping movements, slide your hands from your chest to your chin upwards from the left side of your neck, lightly over your windpipe and then to the right.

2. Place your first fingers horizontally above your lips with your middle fingers below. Apply slight pressure and slide fingers backwards to your ears.

3. Place ring fingers by the side of each nostril and apply pressure. Release the pressure as you sweep fingers across cheeks to your ears, then reapply the pressure.

4. Place your first fingers in the centre of your forehead. Pressing firmly, slide your fingers as you trace along your eyebrows and out to your ears.

5. Now from your ears, continue sliding your fingertips lightly, tracing inwards under the eyes to your nose.

6. Close your eyes and cover your entire face, from chin to forehead (leave your nose protruding) with open hands. Press your whole face firmly, hold for 5 seconds and release. "