Facts About Hieronymus Bosch – Painter of the Grotesque

Born in the year 1450, Hieronymus Bosch was one of the most famous painters of his time. His unique unnerving paintings have made never failed to amuse and attract artists. He had a very luxurious upbringing. Born to parents who were well known in the locality, he had a close association with the Cathedral of St. John. His father and grandfather were also famous painters.

He was impressed by a religious society, Brethren of the Common Life, at a very early age. The society was involved in eradicating moral corruption. He married Aleyt Goyaerts van den Meervenne, a wealthy woman in either 1479 or 1481. His wife was a member of Brotherhood of Our Lady, a society meant for the rich and elite. He naturally became a member of this society and accepted numerous assignments to paint altarpieces for Brotherhood of Our Lady. He meticulously designed chandeliers, stained glass windows as well as crucifixes.

His unconventional and abstract method of portraying pictures managed to capture the imagination of people all over. He did not paint normal Biblical portraits. He wanted to bring out the miseries and suffering of humans in hell. Understandably, his paintings were beast like and bizarre. His famous works include:

• Seven Deadly Sins
• The Hay Wain
• The Garden of Earthly Delights
• Adoration of the Kings
• A human head attached to the feet
• Dangerous scary looking birds with human legs
• A knife between unusually large human ears
• A human body with tree trunks instead of hands

His monster like depictions managed to draw huge crowds making him very famous during his time. His paintings have left people dumbstruck with awe, astonishment and wonder.