Fail To Plan and You Plan to Fail

Every online business whether it be a multi million dollar corporation or a one man MLM internet business needs one important ingredient before it even starts up. If this one essential component is missing from any internet money making venture the chances of online success are as good as zero. Many years ago while still very much a fledgling entrepreneur I was given what has proven to be one of the most valuable pieces of advice I have ever heard. My business banking manager of the time warned me that if I failed to plan I would in fact be planning to fail!

He said "imagine setting off on a long journey without a map" How on earth would you arrive at your destination? However it is shocking how many MLM and online businesses are still launched with absolutely no forward planning whatever. There is plenty of hype in the online business world about "goal setting" and I am the first to agree that the setting of business goals is a great motivational tool. However without any kind of plan to implement such goals that they are certainly doomed to remain unrealized. If you have searched online for internet success plans you will already have to learn that the ebooks and programs are great on ideas but a bit thin in the planning department.

So what is the answer? Online business builders need a system that comes complete with not only the how's, whys and some nifty online tools but also a plan to implement them. The real test of any internet success program is certainly must be if it actually works in practice as well as theory. There are such Online Business Building Systems but the problem is of course finding them. Just try searching Google or any other search engine for "online business building systems" and see how many millions of results it throws up. The great news is that there are now systems that really do everything they promise and they come with a built in business plan too.

These systems address the "failure to plan and plan to fail" issue right from the outset. Therefore users can set realistic online business goals and actually plan for success from day one. It's a well known fact that 95% of well intentioned internet entrepreneurs are already doomed to fail before they even get started because they fall into the lack of planning trap. A few months later they run out of money and enthusiasm so they just give up on the idea of ​​ever earning an online living at all. This is a sad state of affairs as there is plenty of room online and the size of the market is increasing on a daily basis.

The best advice I could offer to any would be online business owner is "do not give up" because the system you need is out there somewhere. Sometimes you just need to search past the first few pages of the Google search results if you want to find those hidden gems. Also, if you take away anything from this article let it be "fail to plan and you plan to fail.