Fancy a Party?

When organizing a party, there are many details to coordinate. How many guests, what type of party, what sort of catering, which type of entertainment, what color decorations and, of course, which venue? Quite often, a person’s home can be a little small for a large number of guests and this can limit the party somewhat. The best way round this problem is to use party tents.

A party tent, or gazebo, is a temporary structure, similar to a camping tent but bigger, especially for this sort of function. It enables an outdoor space to be used like an indoor space and protects from sun and rain. If your home has patio or French doors then a party tent can be placed around them so as to extend your living area outside without being exposed to the elements. This way you can invite many more people than usual and still be altogether without separating your guests between rooms. Just add fold up chairs or cushions and beanbags and you instantly enlarge the party space.

If you prefer a garden party to being indoors then these tents are also an ideal choice. If the weather is a little wet or cold and you have one of these then you can still have fun. If the weather is pleasant and warm you can sit outside but have the tent available as shade or possibly to protect your party food from flies, birds and the sun. If you are not entertaining you can just use it as a sunshade, sit underneath in your deck chair and enjoy a cool breeze while reading your paper or listening to the birds singing, a nice, relaxing way to enjoy a beautiful day.

Having a child’s birthday party at home can sometimes be a nightmare. Having twenty screaming children running around the house leaving a trail of destruction behind them is not everybody’s idea of a good time. Party tents can be really valuable for this type of event as the children can be outside, where the noise is less, and any mess is easily tidied up. You can still serve food as they have shelter from both the sun and the rain and they will probably have more room to work off their energy.

If you have planned and arranged a barbeque and the weather has let you down, one of these structures would be of great help. No need to cancel just open up one of the zipped end panels of the tent and put the barbeque inside together with the chairs and tables for the guests. The open end facility makes them versatile and convenient as well as practical and functional.

Oftentimes, these party tents can be seen in wedding receptions on hotel and restaurant grounds. They offer a larger capacity for more guests and in the summer can quite often be a cooler and cheaper option than the alternative. Many outdoor trade, craft or hobby shows – like dog shows and garden shows – benefit from the use of these facilities making them less dependent on the weather and allowing exhibitors freedom from worry about their products being damaged by the weather. It also makes attending these shows a much more pleasant experience for customers.