Fantastic Vegan Cookies

If you think that all vegan baked goods are dry and tasteless, think again. Vegan cookies can be satisfying treasures that are moist and delicious, and come in a variety of flavors and textures that are sure to please.

Baking vegan cookies is just as easy and satisfying as your regular baking, and they are much healthier for you to eat. All you need to do is to make simple substitutions so that your dough contains no dairy products.

It is quick and easy to find the right vegan cookie recipe for you online. All you need to do is decide which type of cookie you're interested in making, and search for its vegan recipe. It will turn up many results, and you can pick what is right for you.

Using Vegan Ingredients

If you are interested in turning one of your recipes into a vegetable recipe, it's very simple. To make vegan cookies, you only need to replace any dairy ingredients with a vegan substitute, such as using powdered non-dairy eggs in place of regular eggs.

There are many options for replacing eggs. Mashed tofu can work, as can made banana or apple sauce. What is best for your recipe is something to experiment with, or look for tips online.

For replacing milk in a vegan cookie, there are many different options. You can use soy, rice or almond milk with little change in taste. Or try experimenting with fruit juice and coconut milk for new flavors.

Butter is another very easy to replace element in vegan cookies. Dairy free margarine, available at any grocery store, will easily work in any vegan cookie. Vegetable oil also makes a good substitute in many cases.