Fantasy Anion Humidifier – A Unique Alternative

Many different types of humidifiers are available from a number of brands. There are basically three types; cool mist, warm mist and ultrasonic. The ultrasonic units are considered the most technologically advanced options and give noise so low that it cannot be detected by the human ear. These units use high frequency sound waves and use the process of ultrasonic atomization to convert water into a mist. Some of the most attractive ultrasonic units available are the Fantasy Anion humidifiers.

These units operate like other ultrasonic humidifiers and the mist generated is collected into a bowl that is placed on top of the unit. Once the bowl is completely filled up the mist starts slowly spreading all over the room thereby increasing the level of humidity.

The customers are protected from dry air and its harmful effects and so are their possessions. The end result is a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. The unwanted particles like dust, dirt, bacteria, fungi, spores and pollen are completely removed from the air and the result is completely clean humidification.

Another benefit of these units is that they can be operated by plugging into a 12 Volt power source and hence can be operated even in the open by plugging in into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. These units are hence used not just to provide the required humidity but also as a decorative piece. They are extremely attractive and the swirling mist promises to take you into another world altogether.

We are all aware that the most important gas in the atmosphere for us is oxygen. These units are designed so as to activate the oxygen molecule is such a way so as to increase its intake by individuals by up to 20%. This helps people remain healthy and adds to their life in the long run.

The units are also popular as gift items as they can be assembled and reassembled to fit into a small box. These are so attractive when they are operating that a number of people use them more as decorative pieces than as humidifiers to create an atmosphere full of fantasy and romance.

Another benefit of using Fantasy Anion humidifiers is that these are ideal to disperse essential oils or fragrances into the area concerned. These are also extensively used to convert normal home environment into that of spas. This is done by adding aromatic oils to the water that slowly evaporate and are converted into a fine mist. As this mist spreads into the room, so do the aromas. These are therefore the preferred choice of a number of style and décor conscious people not just in our country but all over the world.