Fashion Fusion

How often do you encounter a situation when selection of the right kind of fashion accessory makes you go wild? Some women have such dilemmas once in a while, some once in a week, and some of them go through this daily. The question bugs "Do I look different?", "Do I look attractive enough?"

Sometimes you often wonder, why do some women become the epitome of fashion whereas some pursuit for little appreciation even after wearing an expensive diamond necklace.
Well, I believe that beauty is not the cause. For I have noticed some of the most charming ladies being bugged with similar kinds of hassles. The reason is, most women simply follow the stereotyped fashion trends and do not get noticed among the crowd.
The idea is, that you have to dress differently in order to look different. I guess, jewelry happens to be an important part of fashion. Therefore it is necessary that you make some changes in your jewelry box.

To start with, I must say, that simple elegant jewelries are out. Gone are the days of a simple chain with a diamond pendant. Ladies are no longer totems of sophistication. Just try out something much more dashing. Accumulate at least ten to twelve black colored chains of similar look and size. Jumble them together and flaunt it at your slender neck. They would very well complement each other.

When you try to look different, there is no harm in being a little more adventurous. One of the latest trends among fashion freaks is to try out something Bohemian. And when it comes to Bohemian fashion, there is nothing like a candlenut necklace. The candlenuts, commonly known as Kukui nuts, are strung together in a string or a ribbon and tied in knot. Black happens to be the most popular color. However other colors like green, brown are also in vogue. The Kukui nut jewelries can be worn as necklace and also as bracelets.

You know what, I have always expected fashion conscious ladies since my early teenage. I still remember how my young English teacher at the high school adorned her ears with long wooden danglers. As she moved her head sideways while explaining the lessons, the danglers simply danced around her beautiful ears and caught our attention for an hour hour. Later on, I came to know that such wooden danglers can be easily made at home. All you have to do is cut out two strips of reasonable length from a piece of ply and make it smooth with a sandpaper. Make sure you get the edges rounded. Drill small holes in each of them and attach a jump ring at it and attach it again with a hook. And there you are! That would look elegant as well as dandy!
Now while we discuss about fashion jewelries, how can the beads be left behind? You can make simple beaded earrings at home. Just grab a headpin, and put inside some beads of various colors. But the colors should be well synchronized. Get a round-nose plier and bend the extended portion of the earring at an angle of ninety degree. Bend the end of the headpin and complete the loop. Attach it with a French wire. And you are done with it.

If you are quite innovative, you can try this one too. Boil some eggs and peel off the outer hard layer. Make sure that the thin film inside is also removed. Coat them with two parts of epoxy coupled with a chemical hardener. Get a ceramic tile and coat it with petroleum jelly. Rest the egg shells over it and get them washed. After sometime, cut them out in different shapes and paint it with a nail polish. Once again you may implement some of your innovative skills by painting them with different colors. Drill a small hole and attach a jump ring.

I will be happy if you like my ideas and try them out. But I would be happier if you discard them and try something different that comes to your mind.
After all, fashion is not about following the latest trends of market. Fashion is all about flaunting your own style that would reflect your own personality. Sometimes, the jewelry you wear may not go hand in hand with your personality. But once you are confident about your accessories, you can simply flaunt anything under the sun.
So what are you ladies waiting for? Just get going, full speed ahead!