Fast Hole Drilling for High Rises which Go Straight Down

In the future the human species may have to build our city’s underground where they can be safe from the weather, global warming or a loss of atmosphere, which allows more space and solar radiation. We know that the cycles of ice ages and solar cycles to severely impact our planet over the period of millions of years.

Maybe not in our lifetimes, but definitely sometime in the future mankind may need to live underground for a millennium or more. Yet also consider that living underground advantages that perhaps you have not considered.

Living underground and using the walls that are already there means that construction will be cheaper. Strengthening these walls may not be as difficult as we think as we master laser molecular realignment technologies.

Is it possible to build a skyscraper which go straight down instead of straight up? Sure it is and many skyscrapers start by going straight down as they must reinforce the structure. Is there a way to thrill the whole straight down very very quickly?

Yes I believe I have thought of a concept, which will help us do this. We used laser cutting tools to cut the rock and dirt and giant Earth vacuums to remove dirt. As we drill straight down the reinforce the sites using laser molecular realignment technologies. This way the vertical tunnel cannot collapse within itself.

Once we get the building to the desired depth and to remove the dirt we simply start putting and cross members for the floors and build a giant elevator and work from their. You could build a skyscraper straight down into the ground in probably less than a third of the time to build it straight up. Please consider this in 2006.