Fast Weight Loss – Past, Present and Future

Every experience in life affects us in some way wherever it happened years ago, yesterday or even today. As we look to the future we will view it positively or negatively. Many times our perspective is colored by the experiences we have already had. Your desire to engage in a fast weight loss program is fueled by the comments you may have heard growing up.

As you remember your past, you think about the people who influenced you. The conversation at mealtime may have centered on statements like "you need to eat a lot so you can grow up big and strong. No wonder you may have gained weight. Now it's time to begin that fast weight loss program you have been thinking about.

Recall the time in your life when you began to develop a weight problem. When did your body start to change? Maybe you went through that uncomfortable process of going on a diet. Unfortunately diets don's work. But most people lose their weight then they wind up putting the weight back on. The past is over. That is the good thing about the past. The sum total of the past can never equal the present. Now is the time for your fast weight loss routine to begin.

You are beginning to see yourself as a totally different person. You are beginning to enjoy a meal and food is just not important to you. You are accepting the fact that food is nothing more than fuel for your body. You are learning through your fast weight loss program to eat very slowly and you will find that a small amount of food will satisfy and fulfill you completely.

You will have a desire to drink lots of water. Drinking water will cause you to be less hungry. You should drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. Your fast weight loss program will be greatly enhanced as you drink your water. Your beverage of choice and preference will be water. You will not drink anything that is not good for your body.

As you continue to lose weight, you will begin to hear compliments from the people around you, family members, neighbors, and coworkers. They will secretly envy you as they inquire as to the fast weight loss program you are engaged in. Does not feel good to receive so many compliments.

Although you do not have to exercise at a gym, you may want to join one. You will look forward to all kinds of exercise. Being physically active will be an enjoyable experience. Exercise will be a part of your fast weight loss routine. You will look forward to stretching and toning your muscles. You will want to walk at least twenty minutes a day at a rapid pace.

Looking into the mirror is beginning to be a weekly activity. As you gaze at yourself you will see a flatter stomach, slimmer hips and a better-proportioned body. You will see that you are well on your way to weight loss success. It thrills you to know that your fast weight loss program is working. You are happy and excited.

You're ready to look to the future now. Your old clothes are hanging on you because you are losing weight. You will try on clothes you have not worn for years and you are able to wear them well. As you step on the scale, you will find that you have almost achieved your goal weight. You will make a solid commitment to continue to manage your body to eat appropriately and to exercise. Your fast weight loss routine is enabling your to maintain a stress free lifestyle. Your future looks bright.