Fat Chest? – How to Get it Lean!

Here are 3 ways which should be done to turn a fat chest into a lean chest. Try these before considering the other more costly and risky routes, such as surgery.

1. Diet down some. Try to get lean by eating less sugar based carbohydrates and doing some exercise, like walking 30 minutes every other day. This alone will shave off a decent amount of chest fat.

By dieting down you can not only get leaner all over, but you’ll get leaner in that problem chest fat area. Then you’re able to take the next necessary steps towards full elimination.

2. Build some chest muscle. Get some muscle going especially in your upper chest area. A lot of the time chest fat leads to a drooping look in the lower chest, and you by adding some muscle to the chest you can firm up the upper area which can transform the look of the chest from flabby to muscular.

You can develop a well rounded chest that is going to resemble more toned bodybuilder muscle as opposed to the droopy chest man boob look. I’ve seen guys actually mask their chest fat condition all together by just developing some upper chest muscle.

3. Do specific chest fat exercises techniques to eliminate the chest fat area. Here’s the core of it all, where you can target train the specific fat area of your chest.

This usually won’t require weightlifting, but rather specific exercises which individuals have discovered can eliminate the chest fat/man boob look. Utilizing exercises that can zero in on the core area can transform the chest from fatty to lean.