Fear of Elevators – How to Overcome Elevators Fears With Hypnosis

The fear of elevators can develop from having been stuck in an elevator in the past or from another phobia such as claustrophobia or being afraid of heights. No matter what the cause of the anxiety about lifts, the effect is the same. People are often so afraid that they have to limit their everyday activities in order to prevent their own panic. Any place that has an elevator or a lift becomes off limits to people with a phobia of elevators unless they can find a cure for their problem, such as hypnosis.

A Previous Bad Experience On An Elevator

The anxiety over riding in lifts can come from a previous bad experience in an elevator. Perhaps you got stuck between floors and had to wait for a long time before the elevator began to move again or perhaps you had to be rescued through the emergency door on the top of the elevator. Some people panic about riding in elevators because they have been attacked in an elevator previously.

Other Phobias That Lead to a Fear of Elevators

Sometimes the person's anxiety has very little to do with the elevator itself. The person might be claustrophobic and be afraid of being in a small enclosed space. The person might also be afraid of heights and therefore, not want to get in the lift. For people with these phobias, a helicopter ride might be just as scary as an elevator ride.

The Implications of this Phobia

Think about what your life would be like without the use of lifts. You might not be able to live in the apartment of your choice. Your job choices, especially in the city, would be limited and you might have to refuse the job of your dreams because it is located on high level floor.

How to Stop Being Afraid

Nobody chooses to live with this kind for debilitating panic. Nobody wants to base a decision about where to live or what job to take on the fact that there is an elevator in the building.

Unfortunately, some people believe that because there is no medical treatment available and no drugs to take that they are condemned to life of avoiding elevators. This is simply not true.

Self Hypnosis to Overcome Elevator Anxiety

You will be able to free yourself of the limitations that your panic imposes on you. Self hypnosis will help you relax and enjoy everything that the modern world has to offer no matter what type of building it is in.

Self hypnosis will allow you to believe that an elevator is a reliable, safe and common mode of transportation. You will realize that the risks associated with riding in an elevator are very small and are greatly outweighed by the benefits that you will incur by visiting the destinations available through elevator travel. So, allow yourself to get rid of your fear of elevators and begin to open the doors, on the higher floors, that were once closed to you.