Feather Face Lift

A feather face lift or thread lift, like other cosmetic surgery is done to improve appearances and make people feel more confidence and less distracted about undesirable facial features like wrinkles, age spot misshapen nose and others. Several procedures are available to correct these imperfections to make people happier about their looks.

Doctor’s Advice Essential

A doctor can recommend the best treatment but being informed can help people to make better decisions about choosing the best procedure. For some, plastic surgery is the best option and results are usually long lasting. Others prefer to use laser surgery or injecting fillers into their wrinkles to remove them.

Aptos Threads

Feather lift is a new procedure that can be done quickly in a clinic or doctor’s office and the recovery time is short. The feather lift procedure uses a product called Aptos threads which is a monofilament thread designed to create a subcutaneous support structure that lifts sagging skin. With minimal incisions, the thread is inserted under the skin with a needle, leaving little or no scars.


Feather lifts can pull up the skin of the brow area, jaw line, cheek area, neck area, arm or any part that needs to be reshaped. A feather lift face lift is minimally-invasive and can significantly improve appearance without side effects. It can help those with drooping facial and neck skin caused by aging or genetics or reshape under-pronounced facial features. Feather lift surgery normally takes about thirty minutes and results can be long lasting.


Some benefits of feather face lifts include:

  • minimal discomfort
  • no scarring
  • requires no general anesthesia
  • little downtime and short recovery time

Patients should be in good physical and psychological health and current medication and supplements should be disclosed to reduce the risk of related complications. After a feather face lift, the patient should rest avoid smoking, alcohol, some medications and strenuous activities for at least a week.


The cost of a feather facelift varies and depends on a number of factors but the average feather lift cost is approximately two thousand dollars. Feather lift photos are available to show potential clients what is a feather lift and to help them in deciding what results can be expected.

Before And After Pictures

Feather facelift pictures that demonstrate feather face lift before and after results can be found online or at skin care centers that offer the procedure. These pictures often convince client that this procedure is a good alternative to traditional plastic surgery.