Fencing, Vinyl Vs Wood

If you are considering putting a fence up around your house you might consider vinyl fencing as a great alternative to wood fencing. Though wood is a traditional medium for fence building things have come a long way in recent years and vinyl now provides a more durable and ultimately more cost effective means of fence construction.

How does the cost of a wooden fence compare to that of a vinyl fence?

Though a wooden fence is sometimes cheaper off the bat a vinyl fence is very likely to save you much more money in the long run. Wooden fences will often require replacement at your expense, but vinyl is significantly more durable and sometimes even comes with a guarantee of that reliability.

How is the maintenance different between vinyl and wood fencing?

Vinyl fencing is very low maintenance and can be brought to its original luster often by simply spraying it with a garden hose. Wood fencing on the other hand often requires resealing, repainting, and can often rot out requiring a complete removal of boards.

You can see that in terms of maintenance and price vinyl might be a good direction to go. If you own a home or a rental property and are looking for the most low maintenance option in fencing, it will be hard to beat vinyl as the best option. Another option you may not have considered is installing an aluminum fence. At first you might think of a simple chain link fence when hearing of a metal fence, but in reality aluminum fencing can be so much more. An aluminum fence can be just as beautiful as a wood or vinyl fence and depending on your particular preferences; aluminum might just be the best choice for you.

Aluminum fencing doesn’t have to look like urban fencing, but rather it can take the appearance of an iron fence you might see outside of a beautiful Victorian home. Aluminum of course offers great durability and great looks but you can also have a good deal of creative input on gate options. If you would like a monogrammed gate you can make it happen with aluminum, and intricate metal work can also be done to create the feel of a fence that is decades or centuries old! Certainly aluminum offers advantages and certain unique opportunities that no other fencing material can offer, so check look into your budget and your needs and see which material will work best for you.