Fenix Flashlight Reviews

The Fenix flashlight review

The Fenix flashlight comes in a design for use alongside a hunting firearm, law and military operations. It possesses specific needs for individuals who operate and work in such fields. Therefore, many of these gadgets are compact, making the task of attaching them to a hunting vest or a police belt easy. Others come with mounts that the users use to connect them to the gun directly. This connection allows them to aim their illumination at their target in a single motion. The Fenix flashlight review will help you understand the benefits of possessing this gadget.

This flashlight boasts of thousands of hours, from one charge, of illumination. The reason being, individuals that use these lights, may require to illuminate large search areas and also focus the beam on small objects. These flashlights have a broad range of zoom; which makes them useful for rescue parties and search. They produce more than one thousand lumens that feature a strobe mode. This method is helpful for disorientating a target and for capturing an individual’s attention during an emergency situation.

People who require the Fenix flashlight usually work in thrilling conditions, jumping over obstacles, running at a moment’s notice, and working outdoors. Therefore, they have a shock resistant and rugged casing, which is also weather resistant. You can drop this flashlight from twenty feet above the ground, and it does not suffer damage.

Features of the Fenix flashlight.

The Fenix flashlights come in a design that withstands harsh environments. Some of the features of the design includes;

i. Durable stainless steel bezel

ii. It comes with a belt and box carrier.

iii. Its beam covers over one thousand feet

iv. It comes with a lifetime warranty

v. It has an original rechargeable battery

vi. It comes with a durable charger

vii. It has straps for mounting on a rifle

viii. It has a sturdy aluminum aerospace body

ix. It has a momentary-on function.

Why you need a flashlight

Any person can have the Fenix flashlight because of the benefits they present to the user. Although many states allow civilians to own guns, they do not permit them to places where people frequent. Therefore, a Fenix flashlight can be a useful tool in such areas. The areas include train stations, bars, schools and grocery shops. These light can be ideal for providing light in dark areas. You can use this light to check the back seat of your vehicle before starting it and when walking on a street with poor lighting.

This flashlight is a vital addition to a fully-equipped survival kit. Individuals that go for hiking and camping regularly should always carry one. If they get lost, this flashlight can be a source of light for some days. It can help in scaring off wild animals and help forest authorities to locate them.

This tool is also essential for survival in a home during a natural disaster such as a flood. This light can provide light when there is a power outage for several days. When it is dangerous to walk inside a dark house, after flooding, to avoid naked electrical cables and sharp items on the ground, one needs this torch.

In critical conditions, one can use this light to escape a kidnap and defend himself from a kidnapper. Most of these lights have bezel edges than come in handy for breaking glass. When one gets stuck in a car’s trunk, you can use your flashlight for breaking rear lights and ask for help. When attacked, you can quickly blind the attacker by shining your flashlights in the eyes. The practicability of this flashlight is endless.

Pros and cons of the Fenix flashlight.

The Fenix flashlight has the capability to withstand harsh conditions that come its way. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Fenix flashlight.


• The Fenix flashlight is extremely durable, basing on the material used in making it.

• They are brilliant due to their large lumens and different light modes.

• They are easy to use and control

• They have a whole life warranty.

• The shipping costs are quite affordable. Delivery can also be free of charge.

• Some have self-defence spikes for breaking glass.


As much as we can say that this product is excellent, there must be a downside. No one product can be perfect. Considering that this light produces over one thousand lumens from a small area, heat is expected. Since this is the only complaint that can arise from this product, I rank it the best.

Secondly, though not a con as such, this product can blind you if shone in the eyes directly. Blinding is a health warning for its users.

The Fenix pd35 tactical flashlight

The Fenix PD35 is a tactical flashlight that changes the general opinions of all flashlights. Before using this light, one can consider using an older version, however, after testing it, you can never think about any other torch. This equipment opens the eyes of the user on the benefits and quality of investing in this type of flashlight.

This torch is well-built, portable and it is like having a stadium floodlight in the pocket. You have to experience the one thousand lumens for you to believe. Experiencing this can tell that you have protection, which covers over two hundred meters, the cost being peace of mind.

You will not hesitate to recommend this equipment to a friend. It will take you a very long time to think of anything negative regarding this product. The heat produced as a result of its brightness is not harmful at all. Therefore, this piece is fantastic and if you get it as a gift, know that you have gotten the right equipment.

Top three contenders

1. The Reizarf Cree XML T6

This light is a powerful flashlight that contains five different brightness modes which include the SOS, strobe function, which makes it supreme for any situation. It is made of durable stainless steel and comes with a box and belt carrier.

2. The Coast HP17TAC

This model is thirteen inches long. Therefore, it can fit well in the pocket. It can double as a compact and a defense unit. The body is water and impact resistant, and this makes it universal when it comes to functionality.

3. The SureFire Defender E1D

This equipment is costlier compared to the other two. It is unique because of its reliability and extra compactness. Its settings can go as high as three hundred lumens, and its size easily fits in the pocket. It also comes with an integrated belt clip used for easy portability.