Few Natural Remedies for Sinus Infections

A recent study found that nearly 1 / 6th of the population of the world suffer from one or the other type of sinusitis commonly called sinus infections. A sinus is infection or sinusitis is actually the inflammation of the sinuses. What are sinuses? The hollow cavities in the portion just below your eye sockets and little upper to your nostrils are called sinuses. You may have observed skulls where there is a hollow cavity between the nose and eye sockets – that portion when gets inflamed due to congestion, viral infection, bacterial infection or increase of mass of flesh of the wall of the nostril it causes great trouble.

Such an infection or happening causes the blockage of air passage and assimilation of mucus inside the hollow cavity. Sinusitis causes lots of pain, irritation, itching eyes, itching nostrils, discomfort in breathing, and headache. Sinus can be acute, chronic and recurring. Whatever may be your form of sinusitis it is curable. The rate of success of sinusitis cure has been 84%. That means if some people do not get relief from the medication or surgery that is done in several cases of sinusitis they give up. However one should keep on trying something different to find out the real cure. Have you tried natural remedies for sinus infections? Here we will discuss some natural remedies that you can try to treat the problem of sinusitis.

Steam Inhalation: It is a very common method applied by people where they inhale the steam of hot water. But have you tried inhaling the steam of clove flavor or mint flavor. Instead of menthol that many people use for the soothing effect try clove or mint leave treatment inhalation. They are natural decongestion items and soothe your mind as well.

Essential Oils: Essential oils made of different herbs and natural ingredients have been in use since ages for different treatments. The essential oils can be used to inhale its vapors or can be used directly to treat sinusitis. Oils like Oregano oil have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can decongest the sinus from bacterial infection and mucus.

Salt Water Rinse: Salt has many curable properties especially for cold and sinusitis. The salt water actually acts like a disinfectant and it can prevent sinus infection if you rinse your sinus daily with warm salt water. The rinsing of sinuses with salt water will take some practice but once you become apt in that you will never suffer from sinus infection. One of the best sinus remedies tried and tested by millions!