Fiber Reinforced Polymer – Popular Applications For GRP

First developed in the 1930s, GFRP is a material that is now used in a wide variety of applications. Although many people may be familiar with a few of the ways in which Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer is used, the sheer number of GRP uses will likely be surprising to most. Read on to learn about the most popular applications for GFRP.

Public Infrastructure

This fiber reinforced polymer application is relatively new, but has proven to be quite effective. GFRP is now frequently used to repair and build many different types of civil infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and community buildings.

General Construction

When GFRP is used in construction applications, it is often referred to as architectural fiberglass. Architectural fiberglass can be used to craft a wide variety of products that commonly appear inside and outside of homes, hotels, casinos, restaurants, stores, and office buildings. Just a few products that can be crafted from architectural fiberglass include sculptures, domes, balustrade, fountains, columns, and entryways. When crafted from architectural fiberglass, products can be finished to match any color sample or mimic more expensive materials, such as gold or limestone.

Household and Business Equipment and Appliances

GFRP can also be used to craft a variety of goods used in homes and businesses, including several different types of appliances and power tools.

Aerospace and Automobile Products

The fact that GRP is so lightweight and weather-resistant makes it ideal for use in both transportation and aerospace applications. GFRP is regularly used to manufacture parts for all types of automobiles. Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer is also used to manufacture components for various types of commercial planes and military aircraft.

Consumer Goods

The number of consumer goods that are regularly manufactured from Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer is truly staggering. Because GFRP is not susceptible to rust, rot, or insect infestations, it is commonly used to manufacture outdoor furniture. Moisture-resistant GRP is also used to construct outdoor recreational vehicles like snowmobiles, as well as mobile campers. A variety of sports equipment, including golf clubs and racks, is also frequently made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer.

Obviously, Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer is a versatile material that can be utilized in a wide variety of ways. Its lightweight properties, impressive strength, and durability make GRP a desirable substance from which to manufacture everything from tennis racks to prodigious architectural domes, and it's conceivable that GRP will be used in an even greater number of applications in the future.