Fiberglass Architectural Columns

Fiberglass architectural columns are a great addition to any commercial project, new home construction or restoration project. Fiberglass columns are the most economical, versatile and among the longest lasting columns on the market. Due to their material construction, fiberglass columns are impervious to the elements as well as insects. They do not need to be vented like wood columns need to be thus eliminating the rotting of the columns and bases over time. Their toughness and durability make them a great choice for high traffic areas. These columns are made of a blend of marble dust, resins and fiberglass.

Fiberglass columns are an excellent exterior grade column and yet, they are equally excellent for indoor use. These columns are great for transition pieces between rooms as well as home theatre rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. The exterior columns can be used on the front porch or porte cochere. Wrap around porches with the columns supporting the porch roof and a balustrade system attached between the columns is a fantastic way to show off your dream home. Columns are used abundantly for pool areas as well as gazebos, trellis’, pergolas, outdoor kitchens and gardens.

Choices include round and square columns. The round porch posts are supplied in smooth tapered and non-tapered as well as tapered, fluted columns. They are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 6″ in diameter all the way to 48″ in diameter with height ranging from 5′ in height to 30′ in height. The capital choices vary between the elegant Tuscan and Doric style to the more decorative styles of Scamozzi, Ionic, Temple of Winds and Roman Corinthian. The Tuscan style caps wrap around the shaft and add no height to the column. This makes cutting the column to an exact height easy. The decorative caps can either be supplied in a load bearing resin therefore sitting on the top of the shaft or supplied split in fiberglass to wrap around a structural beam. All fiberglass column heights that need to be adjusted, need to be cut from the bottom of the column.

Square fiberglass columns are available in straight shaft and craftsman style square tapered column posts. Square fiberglass columns can be supplied with a smooth panel, a fluted panel, a recessed panel or a raised panel. Square columns are available with the Tuscan style cap & base or with a craftsman style trim moulding. They are also cut from the bottom of the shaft to offer the flexibility of height variations depending on job site conditions.

Fiberglass columns are easily installed for new construction or remodeling. Determining which size and style you need is often the first step in choosing a column. The column needs to be proportional to the space and its surroundings. It is best to make sure you are getting the right look for the project. Make sure you consult with an architect, builder, designer or column professional in order to make your project a success.

Both round and square fiberglass columns are load bearing, but they can easily be supplied split either for use as pilasters or split for reassembly to surround a structural support.

Fiberglass columns are normally sold with a limited lifetime warranty. They are unfinished and need to be primed and painted on the job site.