Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels for Strength and Beauty

Looking for lightweight, high-strength, durable and efficient panels for your doors or walls, then fiberglass honeycomb panel is the smartest choice. Today, most of the architects and home builders are choosing it because of its unmatched attributes like beauty and strength. It gives brilliant and appealing look to the walls and doors as well as decks. It is greatly used for dry cargo truck body building, decks, lightweight ramps as well as large size containers. When it comes to fiberglass, manufacturers utilize high-strength woven fiberglass fabric as well as high-quality resins of various kinds for unparallel features.

These panels consist of an extremely high-quality lightweight honeycomb core, which is sandwiched between a pair of fiberglass skin. The result is a solid panel with great stiffness and surprisingly little weight. Most of the leading manufacturers obtain bare honeycomb core material without a fiberglass sheath. They arrange to cut the core to the size and shape needed for a panel, or even combine cores to make panels according to the specifications. Further, they apply fiberglass cloth as well as resin substance to the honeycomb core to give it needed strength.

Features of fiberglass honeycomb panel:

– Light weight

– High strength

– Durable and efficient

– Insulated

– Sound and Vibration Dampening

– Water, moisture, corrosion and chemical resistant

Often, woven fiberglass cloth is supplied on rolls for durability. Due to its heaviness, it gives perfect tensile strength to the panel. It also provides the highest strength as well as best appearance of the different types of glass fiber material. Manufacturers apply cloth to surfaces in order to greatly enhance panel stiffness. At the same time, it provides abrasion resistance and gives a perfectly engaging appearance. The finished panel can even be transparent to allow underlying wood grain.

In essence, fiberglass honeycomb panels are the ideal choice for the homeowners. They can use it anywhere they want from walls, doors to lightweight ramps. Moreover, it is highly qualitative and adds value to residential or commercial applications. It is also known as a good alternative to plywood. Most of the architects recommend aluminum or stone panels for elegant class appearance.

Today, it is easy to obtain fiberglass panels from the manufacturers. They can supply easy to maintain and easy to install pre-cut panels at the most affordable prices. If you want they can provide industrial grade panels that can withstand heavy weight. Being lightweight, resistant to wear & tear and moisture resistant in nature it is good for different types of applications.