Filipino Girls – Why Body Language is So Important to Attract Them Or Any Women

Maybe body language should not be termed a “language” because, at its purest, it’s a direct form of communication that bypasses conscious thought and is a universal language that was the original form of communication. While certain gestures may have different meanings across the globe, the core parts of body language are universal and will have much the same effect on all women, including Filipino girls. When you understand the full use of body language, you can communicate without using words, which will make your communication immensely more powerful and you’ll be able to “read” what women are directly communicating to you. You’ll have a massive advantage in dating as well as in life. 

The mind and body are intrinsically linked as a system whereby the state of mind affects the body and the physical actions of the body affect the mind. When we think differently, our bodies change. When we act differently, we change our thoughts and feelings. What we convincingly portray physically makes our mind believe what we portray. If your body language isn’t good, nothing you do or say will attract women. If it’s good, almost anything you say will lead to the attraction of Filipino girls or any women. 

You cannot not communicate. Numerous studies have shown that up to 93% of communication is non-verbal. A tremendous amount of information is transmitted between people without any need of speech. When you approach a woman, or even if she’s just observing you, she’s unconsciously forming an opinion of you before you even speak to her, so hopefully you’re beginning to understand the importance of body language to attract Filipino girls or any women. A woman will perceive your status from your body language. A perception of high status will start to trigger attraction, even though this is only a perception and not a proven fact. 

Confidence is a very attractive quality for a man to have. Body language should be used to show that you are a confident man. So how do you use body language to do this? 

  • It all starts with your posture. When you are standing or walking, be sure to stand erect. Imagine that you have a cord attached to your solar-plexus reaching vertically down from the sky. The cord is under slight tension which will open your chest and push your shoulders back.
  • Walk smoothly and unhurriedly and maintain your erect stance. Glide smoothly along as if you have a cord attached to your waist that is gently pulling you forward. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to attract Filipino girls as you walk around the large shopping malls in the Philippines.
  • Never look down when you’re walking unless you’re in imminent danger of falling over. Your gaze should be at the level to view oncoming people at eye level. So when you are walking up stairs, tilt your head up to meet on-comers gaze. Conversely, tilt your head down if you’re going downstairs.
  • Always walk in the middle of a pathway, never at the edge.
  • Slowly scan the scene when you are walking or standing, with a constant and unwavering gaze.
  • If you see a woman that interests you, who may be one of many Filipino girls you see, maintain eye contact with her. Don’t leer, just maintain a constant gaze and don’t look away until after she does. This is one of the tests women unconsciously make to determine if a man is confident.
  • Keep your feet at least shoulder-width apart when standing.
  • Don’t cross your arms or legs. This is interpreted as “stay away.”
  • Slow down all your movements. You will standout because you appear to be living life at a slower pace which is more relaxing for anyone in your company.
  • Take up plenty of space. Spread yourself out when you are seated and set up an imaginary barrier that you only allow people into if you want them close to you.
  • Be relaxed and always lean back when seated.
  • Don’t fidget in the presence of any Filipino girls or any women!
  • Whenever you move, move with a purpose. Don’t move around aimlessly. Know why and where you want to move to before you move.
  • Use your body language to lead others, don’t be lead by others.
  • Use James Bond as a role-model. Watch James Bond movies when the character is portrayed by either Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery and not Daniel Craig. The two latest movies, when Daniel Craig plays the character, portray him in his early days as an agent, when he was more brash and unrefined. Notice how the character portrayed by either Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery rarely smiles and appears aloof. Check out the expression Pierce Brosnan has. The slight squint and wrinkled brow. 

Don’t lessen the attraction that your good use of body language has caused by speaking incorrectly. Speak slowly and precisely and cultivate a deep, resonant voice. 

Remember that your body language will probably be the first stage of attracting women, so always keep a check on it until it becomes second nature.