Finding a Family Friendly Apartment Home

With a little consideration, finding a family friendly apartment can be a move you look forward to. Look at these characteristics and make the appropriate decision when you visit apartment complexes:

Space. Is there enough closet space for all of the toys, equipment, clothes, cleaning supplies, etc? If not, does the complex have additional storage available, or is there a self storage business nearby that will be affordable and convenient?

Pesticide smell. The chemicals are not good for your children, and if you can smell it, somebody may have felt there was a big enough problem to really douse the place.

Do the windows seal tightly. See if you find evidence of water stains or excess humidity. Does the plaster look good, or is there separation of baseboards from floor? Any or all of these might indicate that the apartment, or the building, has a mold problem. Leaky windows and doors will increase your utility bills.

How are the apartments laid out? Most apartment buildings tend to be developed in a line plan, that is, apartments above and below are the same configuration, so bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms all stack up. This can be beneficial as childrens rooms will be over childrens rooms, etc. If possible, try to view an apartment when families are likely to be home, this will allow you to see how noise transfers between units.

Besides the apartment and complex itself, consider these items to make the most of family living in an apartment.

Are there accessible toddler options like art, music, physical activity, language? For older children, is there a community center, YMCA or other place where they can safely get exercise rain or shine? What about day care, if that’s something you need and want, is it in the neighborhood or en route to work?

Is there easy access to the essentials? Never underestimate the value of proximity to milk, bread, and diapers. The same goes for other service businesses that can make your life easier, such as a dry cleaner, drugstore/pharmacy and fast food for delivery (pizza, etc).

What entertainment options are nearby? Is there a library, museum, or park that is convenient and will satisfy or interest the needs of the family? Do children have a place to ride their bikes or roller blade safely?

By taking these items into consideration as well as your own wants and needs you can find an apartment that fits you and your family.