Finding A Qualified Mason

Masonry work is an art and consists of constructing, adding, repairing concrete, stone, or brickwork. When we think of a Mason, so many times we think of patio, driveway, reinforced walls, additions to our homes, and then of course the surrounding areas of our pools. When searching for a legitimate mason to contract with, there are many considerations one should be aware of. After all, it’s not only your money at stake, but also your family’s safety and quite possible future legal battles, and then there is the overall well being of the state of your home and its landscaping. When someone begins to talk to me about doing some masonry work and I recommend someone without a doubt or invariably the first question out of their lips is “Are they cheapest? If this is the way you would like to pick a mason not really sure I can help.

The reason that question is not one to consider it could in reality mean they are out of work with no referral business. Stop and think about that for a moment. Stay with me here, if the masonry company is good, isn’t safe to assume would they would probably be backed up with work from other referrals, which means it would take a bit of time to get on their list? Here is another hidden but quite juicy screening process, remember when you Google Masonry, Deck Patio or maybe Landscaping masonry, it would be very beneficial for you to take a closer look at their Google places page. In other words, find out where they are openly documented, as a mason. Do they have and reviews and if so how many reviews do they have? Next, would be to find out if their Google page is even VERIFIED! Verification within Google really only means they care enough about their business to actually take the time and claim their business from Google. This is really not a time consuming or difficult process but to be in business it’s a very good thing to do.

When your searching Google places just look at the top right, it should say “owner verified.” Here is another good question “How come some masonry companies have a video and some don’t”? Many times you may find there’s a few tasteless reviews, but don’t worry. Look how many people bashed the American presidents since forever, and let’s be real here if they are the president they are only like by a little over 50% of the people the other 50% didn’t vote for them. So, just make sure when your looking at the reviews there are more positives ones as opposed to negative.

It would behoove you to make sure your contractor is proficient in using many if not all kinds of brick, stone pavers, reinforced walls, patio decks, roofing and siding, because you want masonry contractors who have been there, done that. I would personally shy away from guy with only a few journeymen helpers or none at all. To me…sometimes that is just another red flag.

Here is something very important when choosing masonry concrete pool pavers you had best have a written step by step of each process as to what is being used, and what is expected…in other words “YES” each thing you expect, at job completion. Don’t be embarrassed. These people are not your friends, although not sure that’s a good standard to follow because I’ve gotten shafted pretty well by friends. So think about it and no more of the masons down the street who are doing masonry at your neighbors, because you probably don’t know your neighbor well enough to talk with them and find out they are not getting quite what they had planned on…bottom line get a thorough contract.

Call me crazy, but take it from me if I was going to pay money out for masonry or pavers concrete reinforce men, I’d make sure to call his CELL PHONE and see how easily I could speak with him or his office. Then, I’d ask to see a list of his last eight masonry concrete brick walls and deck patio work. But that’s just me. I can’t tell you how many times I repaired masonry work that the people who did the work are no longer around…so in the long run what does that really tell you….check them out FIRST.