Finding Legitimate Home Assembly Jobs

Finding legitimate home assembly jobs proves to be a dilemma for many. And rightly so because this is a field that is laden with scams. Let me explain how this works in many home assembly jobs.

The company requires you to choose an assembly kit upfront. They state that your job is to assemble the product and then return it to them. At that point, they will pay you for your work as long as it meets their standards.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it would be an ideal arrangement if the company came through on their promise. The problem is, your work will most likely be rejected for not meeting their standards. Then, you are stuck with the rejected merchandise and out your upfront investment for the assembly kit.

This is the scam. The company has your money for the assembly kit but you will never see any money back for your work.

Are there any legitimate home assembly jobs? There could be, but because the field is so full of scams, you would do best to avoid this type of job. You could assemble the kit and then sell it outright on your own, as long as that does not go against the company’s policy. But then you have to find your own customers, which may not be an easy task.

You should always check out any home assembly jobs with the Better Business Bureau and also do a search on Google. Put in the company’s name + scam and see what comes up. Read through several reviews to get a real look at whether the company is legitimate or not.

Another field that is similar is the “making crafts” niche. You may run into the same scenario as with the assembly jobs. The best way to start a business doing this sort of job is to make the craft and then sell it at craft shows, online, etc. In other words, plan on finding your own customers and selling your crafts outright.

Sadly, scams have become all too common today. It has made finding legitimate home assembly jobs and craft jobs very difficult. One thing you can do is to visit local businesses that do this sort of thing and ask if there is any work that can be done at home. In this case, you know who you are dealing with. If they have been around for a while, it is a good sign.

If you do not success in finding any legitimate home assembly or craft jobs, there are many other ways to work successfully from the comfort of your own home.