Finding Quality Flat Screen TV Ceiling Mounts

There are several hundred manufacturers of flat screen TV ceiling mounts all over the world. Some of them are not the best or the safest products to purchase for your TV mounting needs. Anytime you’re looking for something strong enough to hold a very large flat screen LCD television you will want to find a unit that will completely secure such a heavy device suspended in the air. It’s easy enough to do the math, when taking an eighteen hundred-dollar television set and investing fifty bucks into a mount for that product could be slightly catastrophic when the cheap metal gives way and sends your big-screen crashing to the floor.

Ceiling mounts are a system in themselves, and each and every piece needs to be of a quality that will make sure the firm and steady support your flat screen needs to fight gravity by hanging in the air for several years. Spending an extra two to three hundred dollars on a quality mount instead of having to replace the cheap one after an accident is the best insurance you can buy for your peace of mind, and the safety of your family.

There are also optional support brackets that can be purchased and installed in your attic flooring to help spread the weight of the Mount and the display unit to prevent untimely support failures. These machined brackets and accompanying hardware will generally cost about $50-$100, but will give you the added support that your eight pound fifty-five inch flat screen needs. These type of installations will cost a lot less if done when a room renovation is being performed, as the walls will be down an all-new cabling and support devices can be installed without having to tear up and repair the affected areas where it will be mounted.

Even if you buy your flat screen display at a super discounter, you may want to go shopping at one of the higher end home theater retail outlets to find the proper bracket you will need to support the weight in a fashion that will prevent premature failures in the future. Also, ask the salesperson for a quote on having the unit installed by them, especially if you’re not adept at swinging a hammer, and patching drywall. As any other area in your house, you want the installation to look seamless and professional as possible, and quite honestly the average homeowner is not up to the challenge. To summarize, making a sound investment for a quality ceiling mount for such an expensive home entertainment purchase makes much more sense.