Finding the Best Shoe Organizer for Your Needs

Using the right shoe organizing methods means less clutter and frustration when it comes to keeping a collection of shoes organized. A wide range of strategies are available. It is just a case of finding which of the storage methods fits best in your home, lifestyle and gives the right protection from shoes getting scuffed or squashed. Some of the popular styles of shoe storage units consist of –

Shoe Cabinet – one of the larger storage units is the shoe compartment which can take up a sizeable amount of floor space, yet will give enough cubbyholes to take quite a few shoes. These units come in a wide variety of designs and colors to match the surrounding decor scheme.

Under the Bed – for the shoes that are not likely to used on a daily basis, it might be worth looking at the availability of the under bed shoe storage units. Often designed for a small collection of shoes, which can range from five to ten pairs of shoes. It is also worth getting one of the under bed organizers that closes or zips-up to stop dust, dirt or bugs getting in.

Over-the-Door – an over the door organizer comes in several different styles with a choice of canvas pockets to place the shoes or wire loops to hang the shoes on. An organizer of this nature comes in multiple sizes to hold a decent number of shoes. Although if you are going to put some heavy shoes in ones of these organizers, it is worth making sure the actual door and hinges is up to taking the extra weight. Some of the closet and wardrobe doors can be quite flimsy in construction and not really up to taking any extra weight.

Shoe Rack – a shoe rack comes in a wide variety of styles and designs which are perfect for storing a small collection of shoes and can come designed as a simple wall-mounted rack, a 2 or 3-tier shelve unit, or even compartment type Unit which closes, so perfect for those wishing to keep shoes out-of-sight.

Storage Box – a simple yet effective storage solution for protecting one or two pairs of shoes is to use a clear shoe storage box which often comes in a resilient plastic material. Multiple boxes of this nature are perfect to stack one on top of another. This organizing method may be more appropriate for off-season shoes rather than an everyday pair of shoes.