Finding the Perfect Personalised Plate

There is a significantly growing trend of drivers up and down the country splashing out to secure a lavish personalised plate for their motor vehicles. These items are no longer strictly for the elitist, with a great range of opportunities for the everyday driver to purchase a personalised plate that says something about their character, personality and lifestyle.

A personalised plate is a combination of letters and numbers that often reveals a message or name that is special or relevant to its owner. Whether you want to personalise your plate to show your own name or initials off or to show passion and affection towards a loved one, a customised plate can make the perfect statement in the fashion, consumer-conscious world that we live in.

So how do you find the perfect personalised plate for your car? It is not quite as simple as pulling a group of letters and numbers together to submit for registration. All formal personalised number plates must follow a strict format set by the DVLA. Number plates follow the pattern of letters followed by numbers or numbers followed by letters. It appears more desirable for drivers to purchase a personal plate with the lettering format first, but beware, these do come with a heftier price tag.

The latest release of number plates is due in December, with the demand for customised plates hotting up in time for the festive period. The DVLA seeks to recoup over £80M from next year’s registration sales with the company revealing it has already received hundreds of enquiries for the 2010 format.

There is a simple way in which you can search for the perfect personal plate. Plate Master boasts an extensive plate search engine that enables drivers to match personalised combinations with their full name and any other words. Why not treat yourself or that special someone to an exclusive personalised plate.