Finding the Right Cat Health Insurance Plan

Pet owners love their pets, and cat owners are no exception. In fact, ensuring the health of your beloved cat should be the number one priority for cat owners. Unfortunately, rising veterinary healthcare costs are making it more difficult to get the treatments necessary to both prevent and cure common cat health problems.

To help insure your and your family can afford to care for your cat should a major medical condition arise, cat health insurance has become more common. There are several major, established health insurance companies specializing in feline healthcare. Before choosing a healthcare provider for your cat, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

The level of Healthcare coverage available for your cat can vary dramatically between different providers and their various health plans. Some things, such as urinalysis and vaccinations may not be covered under basic plans; whereas everything from x-rays, heartworm, flea control, cancer, prescriptions and even dental work may be available with the premium healthcare plans.

Another thing to consider is what’s not going to be covered. Usually pre-existing conditions and hereditary disorders common to certain breeds of cats won’t be covered. Even typical cat issues such as behavioral problems and parasites might not be covered depending on the type of cat health insurance plan you’re considering.

It’s also difficult to find a cat health insurance plan that covers routine physical examinations, spay or neutering, vaccines and teeth cleaning – although with the right healthcare plan you may find these treatments available with or without a deductible.

It’s important to sit down with your pet insurance advisor and explain all the potential conditions you want to ensure your cat is covered for, and ask him or her to explain all the conditions your cat may not be covered for. Pet health insurance providers are much more educated in this aspect, so don’t expect to outsmart them. Instead, rely on your provider to educate you so that you may purchase the best plan for your money while ensuring your cat will live a long, healthy, happy and protected life.