Finding Work Life Balance – Knowing Your "Why" in Starting a Home Business

This article is about work life balance, something most everyone in the workplace is seeking. I know for myself the demands of work always seemed to be at odds with life and vice versa! Most of the key points that I developed for determining what balance would mean for my household I have placed here. Planning your life seems strange to many but I believe having a work life plan that describes what is important to you is essential to happiness and contentment. I hope these observations help you think and write down ideas that are appropriate for your situation.

I have focused on my why for doing just about anything and it has helped me structure what I was looking for and to pursue it with enthusiasm. I found that determining why I wanted certain things allowed me to determine their importance. Work life balance for me meant obtaining these goals while I maintained a full committed family life without interruption.

I ended up choosing to start a home business because it allowed me to find the balance between making money and fulfilling the commitments that were important to me! I had been part of ownership before in more traditional models and the time demands were no different than normal employment situations. In fact in those businesses I had less time for my family! My home-based business has allowed me to be there for my family while making a comfortable income from my home office.

All of us that choose to start a business have some reasons why! Some of these are main drivers and others just bonus features that draw us to self-destiny. To identify these drivers is very important and it actually belongs in your work life plan. For many, the reasons are easy, here are a few to think about:

1. Unlimited income.

2. All your time back under your control.

3. Control of your future.

4. The satisfaction of helping others find success.

5. Self esteem that comes from creating something yourself.

Finding balance for myself meant controlling my time while pursuing greater income. For others there are different priorities that motivate them, but the process of identifying these is the same. Plan your work life as a component of your total life plan!

The list can go on longer as you might imagine. But for some the list is more specific, it applies today in the here and now, here are examples:

1. I want more time with my young son.

2. I need to care for my ailing parent.

3. I promised my spouse a better life and we have had many setbacks.

4. My job is endangered, in fact, my industry as a whole is not stable.

5. I am disabled and cannot work full time outside the home.

6. I need the hope of a better future, not 40 years and a watch.

7. For many entrepreneurs, we simply will not go back to working for anyone. I call this psychologically unemployable!

There are so many reasons, that it is worth your time to ask some questions, recall some dreams. Take some time to really focus on what is most important to you. Many have stopped being tuned into their dreams and given up hope. It appeared there was no hope of achieving those lofty wishes.

Now owning your own business and its potential of unlimited income, time freedom and helping others is accessible to everyone that wants to dream again. It takes drive and great commitment to make it successful, but it is worth tenfold what you invest.

Hard work needs an ethic to be sustained. Balancing the pursuit of material success needs the right tools and a plan. Imagination needs underlying purpose to stay creative. The energy for not only yourself but also all involved in your life plan comes from a deep well. Your “WHY” is that well that feeds work ethic, creativity and energy. This makes this concept so important and it should not be taken lightly.

Take some time and think about how the income, time freedom and service to others would change your life. Write a list of how the three benefits I just mentioned would change life for you. Next incorporate some of your own goals for 6 months, one year and three years down the road. Look for how your efforts could build the work life balance that would meet those goals and a clear mission statement will emerge.

Refine these thoughts into a concise meaningful belief statement that you know is true for you! This is not just some piece of paper; it will become part of your marketing and a purpose that rests in the foundations of your success. Believe me when I say, you will share this with many, as you become a successful entrepreneur!

As you can see, the “Why” that motivates is unique to each of us. Finding your why and putting it into a statement is important. You can draw upon its empowerment and motivation whenever needed. This proclamation is the substance that molds and guides the business you create!