Finishing the Basement by Installing a Ceiling

After you have your walls constructed in a basement remodel, you may want to consider finishing off the look of the ceiling. Here are a few options that you can use to add that finishing touch, and there should be a solution here to fit any budget.

Drop Ceiling Installation
By far the most popular basement ceiling solution is the drop ceiling. There are many different styles from which to choose, and they are relatively simple to install. One of the things that makes them so simple to install is that they easily hide all of the wiring, plumbing and ductwork, but the panels can be easily removed for access any time. A drop ceiling is a simple project for a homeowner to do without professional help, and unfortunately they are also one of the more expensive ceiling options. While some tile systems are cheaper than others, they are still at the upper end of the budget spectrum overall.

Drywall Ceiling Installation
Another option when you are installing a basement ceiling is installing a drywall ceiling. This type of ceiling finishes off the look of your newly remodeled basement beautifully, and it is probably the least expensive finished ceiling options. Like the drop ceiling, it can hide all of the wiring, pipes and ductwork housed in the ceiling beams. However, if you need to access anything behind it, you will want to use screws to install your drywall panels. For example, if there is plumbing or wiring behind the drywall, you will want to screw in that section of the ceiling for easy removal. Plan the layout of your drywall ceiling carefully so that you can minimize the number of sections that may need to be removed to make a repair at some future date. Since drywall is heavy, you will want to use lighter quarter inch drywall for any overhead application. Once installed, this surface is easy to clean and paint.

Adding a Coat of Paint
There are times when the basement ceiling is pretty clear of ugly looking wires and ductwork. If this is the situation that you find in your basement room, then you may decide to simply paint the ceiling a single, solid color. Using a single color lets everything blend together, which minimizes the look of any pipes or ductwork that are present. While simply painting the ceiling is not as finished looking as a drop ceiling or a drywall ceiling, it is by far the least expensive ceiling treatment. Depending on how finished the rest of the room is this may or may not be a viable option for your basement ceiling.

Things to Consider
Before deciding what kind of ceiling you want to use to finish your basement space, consider your available budget for this project and consider how your want your room to look when it is finished. Also keep in mind if you are planning to sell your house any time soon, how this project affects the resale value of your home. Then you are ready to choose your ceiling.