Fire Exit Assembly Points

A fire is an unfortunate accident that no one can foresee. It is one of the most serious dangers within a building. Fire can break out anytime, anywhere and affects everybody in the vicinity.

It is therefore essential for any building or workplace to have the right fire exit signs installed at appropriate places. If there is a fire any regular staff or visitors who may not be aware of the layout of the building must be able to see proper signs and reach safety even in smoke or without power.

Importance of Fire Exits

The safety and timely evacuation of people from the affected site is of paramount importance during the outbreak of fire. This is possible only when appropriate fire exits signs are put up.

Any building or public area must have the adequate number of fire exits to make escape easier. Fire exit signs must be located along the route so that people can see them clearly.

These signs have FIRE EXIT printed on them along with the symbol of a running man and arrows that point to the specific direction of the exit.

What to do in case of a fire?

In case of fire in the building where you work, it is important for you to keep a cool head and not contribute to the chaos all around. Do not attempt to douse the fire all by yourself.

Use extinguishers only if you have been trained. Otherwise, you will just end up hurting yourself and others. What you can do instead is activate your nearest fire alarm point so that everybody is aware of the danger.

A fire alarm ringing through a building is indication of a fire. In case you hear the alarm, head for the nearest fire exit as calmly as you can. Do not stop to collect your belongings or try to save important documents.

Fire can spread from one section of a building to another rapidly and unexpectedly. It can become fatal if you feel that you have enough time to save those papers or gather that handbag. Always close the doors while leaving so that the fire from one room cannot spread easily to other areas.

Instead of taking a lift, take the stairs. The most important part is to remain calm and maintain discipline. Many people have died due to stampede while trying to rush out from a fire engulfed building rather than from the fire itself.

Familiarise yourself with the floor plan of your building so that you do not get lost and waste precious time in exiting the building. In case fire coordinators or fire stewards have arrived on the spot, follow their instructions carefully and help them to save your life.

Fire Assembly Points

Most buildings and public areas have certain places that are designated as fire assembly points. Follow the fire exit signs to your nearest assembly point and congregate there. This will help the building supervisors or safety officers to identify those who are missing and those who have made it safely outside.