Fire Pit Table

A fire pit table creates a seamless balance between a propane fire pit and outdoor dining. Imagine a standard firepit with the added functionality of a large dining table. As a stand alone piece of outdoor furniture, there’s no getting away from the fact that firepits are fast becoming the latest must-have gadget for backyard dwellers everywhere. However, when you can combine heating and eating into one spot, why buy a firepit when a fire pit table covers both bases?

You will acquire the warmth, comfort and aesthetics of an outdoor fire whilst being able to gather around it enjoying a meal with family and/or friends. You’ll no longer find yourself balancing a tray on your knees or standing around trying to prevent your sausages from rolling off the edge of your paper plate. No more rough-neck cook outs, unless you like chasing your sausages around the patio.  

As with a regular propane fire pit, the fire pit table can be purchased in an array of styles, sizes and materials. You can opt for something that’s little bigger than a coffee table or aim for something akin to a standard dining room set – elevated from the ground and including matching seating. You’ll also find with the larger designs that you’ve got the option to cover the firepit, in the event that you’ve no wish to light it.

They come supplied with a firepit cover, providing you with the option to further enlarge the surface area, should you need one. Added to that, a number of the larger models can be purchased with a supplementary grilling device. This offers you the ability to use the firepit facility as a cooking area, though you would have to plump for the charcoal or wood burning variety.

However, that brings a whole new dimension to backyard barbecues. You can sit round your fire pit table, entertaining or simply spending time with family and friends – and all you have to do when you want a burger is lean over a whip one off the grill. What more can a backyard cookout king – or queen – want?

Ultimately, the best way to determine the variety that you’ll be happy with is to simply look at what’s available. Use the internet, visit gardening outlets and so on. Determine the size by doing an honest appraisal of the space available and factor in what you want a fire pit table for. Whatever you do, don’t buy one on a whim. They’re an expensive piece of outdoor furniture and better to spend your money wisely than foolishly.