Fire Rated Doors And Their Importance In Fire Protection

There are countries that impose the placing of fire rated doors as a legal requirement in residences and commercial buildings. This regulation demands inspectors to examine newly built structures before they are given permits to operate. The lack of these doors in the building interior would give the structure a non-compliant status concerning passive fire protection and thus, won’t be allowed to do business.

Extricating oneself from a structure on fire is difficult if the smoke and flames are not controlled. In worse circumstances, people will definitely be choked by smoke first because ordinary doors are not able to prevent smoke from spreading. Hence, even when there are no flames yet, people can already become unconscious when they are asphyxiated from the smoke that results from burning from one part of building. Flames do not have to engulf people so that they pass out, because smoke is even deadlier when it reaches the lungs.

This is the reason why fire proof doors are given importance by building code regulations because this is where fire protection starts. Even without the aid of rescue efforts, people inside a building that is being eaten by fire can still make their way out because there are fire exits and doors that act as barrier for smoke, heat and flames. Without the barrier, it is easy for fire to spread and engulf everything in a few minutes, leaving nothing behind and claiming people’s lives.

These doors are considered the most significant fire safety products installed on your premises. It will act as barrier for fire or smoke so that these elements are kept from spreading across the building. Doors that withstand burning will keep the fire contained to a certain compartment or room, allowing people a longer time to make their escape. This situation will also allow the fire service a better opportunity to rescue everyone who are trapped and also to control the fire. Fire rated doors will also put a stop to wasting a big part of your building and property by being engulfed in fire quickly. These door sets are designed to be used alongside fire extinguishers and sprinklers. It is also necessary that a fire alarm system be installed so that the door will automatically close once the alarm has set off. The lack of alarm system will also matter because the door won’t respond by shutting itself immediately since nothing will prompt it to do so.

For warehouses, the presence of fire proof doors indicates that people, machinery, products and documents are given protection in case a fire breaks out. The use of fire-proof safe or cabinets would also be essential for documents. Since fire can easily start in areas that are old and cramped, it is also a good thing that storage facilities have these doors installed in their interiors.

Most buildings that are built recently are compliant for passive fire protection. It is not an option but a regulation that has to be followed by every building owner and manager. Thus, it is also vital that you find a reliable supplier for these door materials in your locale.