Firefox Add-ons For Those on Limited Bandwidth Connections

There are times when you are using your computer on limited bandwidth like with an air card limited to 5 gigabytes per month. There are also times when you are on a slow connection that you need to save bandwidth so you can get to your content faster. Firefox offers a few great plugins that will help you get the meat of the content on the internet without chewing up extra bandwidth.

In order to do this, you will need to have Firefox installed to you machine and know how to install the add-ons and plug-ins that Firefox has available.

To install new add-ons, simply click on Tools then Add-ons to bring up the menu. Then click on Get Add-ons which will bring up a box to search for whatever one you want. Do a search for the add-ons described below if you would like to use them to save bandwidth.

Ad Block Plus

The majority of the time when you are surfing the web, you are there to read the content, not to check out the flash banners and the unnecessary scripts running, These will take up 10 times or more of the bandwidth than the actual content itself . You can get the add-on called Ad Block Plus to block these bandwidth hogging ads. When you need to cut back on your usage, turn this plug-in on so that it will get rid of the extra stuff you do not need on web pages.

Image Like Opera

The Opera web browser has a great image settings that Firefox does not. This add-on will fix that problem and add that functionality to your browser. One setting that you can put your computer on is to only load up pictures that are in your cache. This means that if your browser has loaded that picture before, you will see it. If it has not, you will not see the images.

Using these two plug-ins will significantly cut down on your bandwidth usage. If you avoid video sites and downloads, you can surf the internet for an hour hour this way without eating up more than 20 megabytes of your bandwidth. Even on a 5 gigabyte a month cap, you should have hundreds of hours that you can surf the internet in this mode.

If you are on limited bandwidth, sometimes you run out of it before the month is over. With Firefox and certain add-ons, you can get many more hours of web browsing done without exceeding your limited monthly cap.