Fireplace Country Hearth Rugs – The Double Purpose Rugs

The fireplace became the center of home decorating revealing different personalities during its development as a luxurious accent of many homes. Since then, the popularity of fireplace country hearth rugs hit the rug markets. Fireplace country hearth rugs dramatically create a focal point in the fireplace area which defines space as well as creativity.

Many fireplaces feature gorgeous masonry and woodwork which already make it look beautiful and dramatic. Fireplace country hearth rugs should compliment everything, from the types of fireplace, furniture, and other room accents.

Hearth rugs are small throw rugs shaped often like half circles placed in front of hearths or fireplaces. These are made of treated wool with higher fire resistance and even allow burn out of fires. This is to ensure safety and prevent damages to wood floors or carpets during accidental sparks of fire from the fireplace. This is a new innovation changing the old ways of protecting the floors such as using strewing herbs for freshening airs, absorbing animal wastes and fallen foods, and keeping down bugs. But now, fireplaces are built up with brick or stone enclosures for preventing fires from hitting household flammables.

There are different variations of fireplace country hearth rugs you could choose from. The best place for shopping these products is on the internet. Just make sure that you compare prices, qualities, read reviews, and most of all shop from reputable online stores.

Fireplace Country Hearth Rugs are purchased purposely for protecting the entire wall carpeting, wood stained floorings, or area rugs from burns and singes usually associated with shattering fire logs which sends live coals within the surrounding areas. In case live coals accidentally hit the rugs, the portion that was singed can be brushed off leaving no trace of black marks. It keeps the area clean and beautiful.