Fireplace Installation of Plasma and LCD TVs – How Do You Do That?

In considering whether you must or must not install a TV above a fireplace, you must consider many aspects of installation. Listed below is a step by step guide in installing flat panel LCD TVs or plasma TVs above a fireplace. The guide would also answer questions regarding the safety of putting up a TV above the fireplace.

A. Do you have plans of using the fireplace again? If yes, then proceed in reading this article for you to learn if you’d want to install your TV above your fireplace. On the other hand, if your answer is no, well certainly you could install any plasma or LCD TV above your fireplace for as long as your wall could support the weight of the mount and of the TV.

B. Use a thermometer above your fireplace on a mantel where you’re going to install your TV. Get your fire going in full force, if it does not get to or above the TV manufacturer’s heat level recommendation, then you are good to go at 90 degrees. If you do not have a thermometer, get your fireplace blazing hot then touch the wall above it to see if it’s warm enough and is just okay. If it’s too hot to touch, then you probably could not install your TV there.

C. Another consideration aside from heat above the fireplace would be the mantel wall, you’ll need to know if the facade has brick that is actually a part of your chimney. If it is a part of your chimney, if you’ve done a heat test, it should be hot. Most homes built from the 70’s have facades. If your fireplace has brick facade, heat is put to small smoke stack that’s insulated from heating the surrounding walls. This would protect you from chipping paints and drying walls from totally deteriorating.

D. When you are not sure, call a professional to be able to determine if you could hang your TV above your fireplace. HD installers have installed more TVs above the fireplace from any other companies in the US. Most of the time you could put an LCD TV above a fireplace, however, HD installers will not install big screens if they determine that it is not safe.