Fireproof – Christian Movie Reviews

The movie Fireproof, staring Kirk Cameron (Caleb) and Erin Bethea (Catherine), portrays a typical couple that experience the degradation of their marriage in a scenario where many of us can relate, whether in part or in whole. There are points in a relationship where it appears doomed to fail, where there just does not seem to be any way out of the turmoil which somehow crept in without notice. At this point, most of us seem all too willing to throw in the towel and call it quits. Divorce then becomes the only way out. Fortunately, our two characters were blessed with a wise mentor, Caleb’s father, who had at one time experienced a decline in his marriage as well and proposes a possible solution to his son.

A little bit about the movie: Caleb is a dedicated fireman who gives more attention to his job than he does his wife Catherine. His irritation, whether from the demands of his job or of his working wife’s supposedly “delinquent” domestic duties, escalates into several arguments and fits of rage with Catherine. Furthermore, Caleb unknowingly adds to his troubles by surfing for porn on the internet. His success at work truly does not carry over equally to home life.

Catherine, who appears to be a somewhat frigid individual and who doesn’t seem to give her husband the attention he needs (you can speculate why this is so), works at a hospital where she has caught the attention of a flirtatious doctor. Because of her problems at home, the doctor begins to woo her over as she begrudgingly succumbs to the only solution she feels plausible.

Divorce appears to be the only solution. However, with the help of Caleb’s father and the “Love Dare”, a 40-day guide representing a more spiritually approach to building relationships, Caleb learns how to properly treat his wife and become a stand up husband. The couple eventually learns to return their attention to one another and regain their love, but not without some soul searching and a willingness to look past prior hurts.

I wholeheartedly recommended this film for new and existing couples wanting a glimpse at the realities of marriage. Other reviews have noted the shaky beginning and less than stellar acting abilities. Considering these are volunteers, I would say they did an excellent job. But as the storyline unfolds, it ends on a very strong note. If you are looking for a wonderful message and a recipe for a stronger relationship, you will be glad you saw this one.

Fireproof was written and directed by Alex Kendrick . Other films which Alex Kendrick directed were movies such as Flywheel (his first movie) and Facing the Giants.