Fireproof File Cabinet – A Must For Any Business

It is normal to feel a little scared inside to think that a fire could potentially destroy all your important information. You need to feel secure that whatever happens, those documents will be safe. It does not matter if your important documents are at home or at the office, having a  fireproof  file cabinet really makes you feel more secure about the welfare of your files, especially when you are not there.

Luckily, these file cabinets do exist and you can purchase them online or at a store specializing in office equipment like Staples.

So let me discuss some of the  fireproof  file cabinet offers with you starting with the Trident Series 5000. It is a top of the range vertical letter  fireproof  file cabinet. You pay top dollar for this at around $2000, but it is worth it if you were to be faced with a fire. It is of course fire resistant, but also impact resistant and water resistant. It sounds to me like it is pretty indestructible. It has been tested in all the fields and uniquely made to be practical, with fire resistance to up over 1700 degrees, water resistant seals and can survive an impact of up to 30 feet. This is a very secure place to keep your files, and if you put a hole for you in it, then maybe in the process of an earthquake you could even jump in it for safekeeping (just kidding!). Another great feature I love is the recessed handles to avoid knee bumps, I have been there and it hurts a lot.

Unfortunately a  fireproof  file cabinet is very expensive, due to the quality of the seals and the materials it has to be made with. If I were you, I would buy one that you know will save your documents, not the cheap one that would not promise much.

Another popular brand is Fire King. They are known for all things fire related; they are the professionals at keeping things away from the heat. They offer the whole range of vertical file cabinets of all sizes, lateral file cabinets of all sizes, and even specialty  fireproof  cabinet products. The vertical and lateral  fireproof  file cabinet does look just like a regular, stereotypical file cabinet, but obviously it can withstand a lot more temperature for a long time.

For $2200 you can buy a big file cabinet specifically made to protect important documents such as oversized legal documents, medical records, binders, and other important files. As well as that, you can buy their lateral file cabinet at 44 inch, 38 inch or 31 inch widths for $2000 to $6000. Steep price you might think, and I would agree, but it would take a lot longer to make a lateral  fireproof  file cabinet, just think how tight the seals must be to withstand that much heat for 1 to 2 hours!

So these may come at a steep price, but how much are you willing to pay for the safety of your important files? That is the real question. As well as being  fireproof  these are very secure. They offer good locking systems so that no one can steal them. See their item descriptions online for more details of their  fireproof  file cabinet product line.