Fireproof File Cabinets – All About a Fireproof Media Safe That You Must Know

A fireproof media safe provides your flash drives, USB drives and sticks, CDs and DVDs as well as other forms of digital data records with not only fire resistant protection, it also protects them from water damage in times of floods and hurricanes as well as against burglary. offers an efficient device for protecting media items, such as USB sticks, memory devices, CDs or DVDs, against fire up to an external temperature of 1850 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as protection for water damage and a theft deterrent.

Fireproof media safes are designed to withstand fires of 30 to 120 minutes with an interior temperature of lower than 125 degrees F. In the event of a fire, the temperature could rise to as high as 1450 degrees in a matter of minutes that are all unprotected media and digital files and records. The low temperature within the fireproof media safe becomes a safeguard in the blaze.

If you own a home office from which you run you business, a commercial design version should serve your purpose most effectively. Most fireproof media safes are made of steel, with about 1.2 cubic feet of space and height and width of 22 inches and fitted with many features like door pockets, lifts trays and many smaller compartments for storing USB and flash drives, CDs, DVDs, and MP3 players.

There are many variety of locking system which you can choose from. You have a choice of key lock system, combination code, keypad, fingerprint access or retinal systems for enhanced security.

Whichever fireproof media safe you choose, be sure to choose from reputed and trusted manufacturers. Cost should not be a consideration if your main intention is to protect your important media and digital records. You will not regret your purchase when you start enjoying that peace of mind that you never had before.