Fireproof File Cabinets – Finding the Right Type to Suit Your Needs

Fireproof file cabinets provide you with an effective and efficient solution when you need to protect the vast number of files, documents as well as papers in a safe and fire free environment.

Most fire proof filing cabinets are capable of protecting vital documents, even in fires of external temperatures reaching 1,700 degree Fahrenheit. This is made possible as long as the internal temperature of the unit is kept below 350 degree F and preventing the papers from burning. Look for one with 1 or 2 hour 350 degree UL rating which means that it will be able to withstand and maintain internal temperatures of 350 degree F over a 1 or 2 hour periods. Often, this time frame is sufficient, in the event of a fire, to ensure that the fire is contained or put out altogether. The more robust ones include water resistant functions so as to ensure that there is no water damage after a fire. In addition, the cabinets are kept in a key lock system which also prevails theft as well as burglary.

Materials used to make these fire proof filing cabinets are quite different from ordinary ones. They include a good mixture of resin, gypsum and steel to make a composite which is effectively fire resistant. Together with your choice of locking system, they provide many levels of security for different types of environmental challenges. They often come in key lock systems but are customisable with combination locks. The innovative type of safe in a file whereby a safe is built in to the unit will use a combination locking mechanism for the safe and a key lock system for the cabinet.

You are spoiled for choice from the two, three and four drawer designs, and in addition the many types of colors and materials you can choose from to match the rest of your cabinets or blend into the overall layout of your office or home office. They are designed for vertical and lateral filing, not to mention, being available also for side tab or end tab filing too.

One key point to note when buying your fireproof file cabinets is that you need to check out the authentic and reputed manufacturers. Understand that there is no trade off for quality. Settle for nothing less than good solid quality or otherwise you will end up not being able to salvage any document in times of fire or theft. Check out the product warranties as most should provide you with lifetime product warranties as well as replacement guarantees in the event of a fire.