Fireproof File Cabinets – Protect Your Business and Home With the Right One

The safety of business files like customer contacts, mailing lists, billing information, business partnership contracts, and more are the main concerns of any business or home office. Their greatest enemy of mass destruction is fire which literally poses a key threat to the on going concern. No amount of fire insurance can help you save the core component of your business, that is, the high touch customer relationship aspect. Fireproof file cabinets can ensure that your documents are kept safely and within easy reach as and when you need to access them.

Made of a composite of steel and special materials, they are designed with fire resistance in mind to be able withstand high temperatures. Indeed, they often double up as burglary safes for valuables, important documents like title deeds, policy documents, passports etc. This is due to the fact that thefts have been a long plaguing issue since time in memorial. Made to match the normal cabinets in order to blend well into the background, they come in similar sizes and colors. The most popular types are the lateral and vertical fire proof filing cabinets which allow great versatility for filing as well as storage.

They are tested to ensure the authenticity of fire resistance. Often referred to as UL fire resistant ratings, these tests are conducted by the Underwriters Laboratories which sets the standards for industry fire resistant benchmarks. Take for instance, fire proof filing cabinets are often labeled as 1 hour 350 degree Fahrenheit UL Rated. This would mean that your cabinet is fire proof for one hour, maintaining a temperature of below 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Some are stress tested in terms of impact, from a drop point of 30 feet above ground level. In addition, they can also be tested for explosion hazard rating as well.

Very often, authentic and reputed manufacturers will include lifetime warranty on all operational parts. And when the safe or cabinets have been damaged in the event of fire, some even offer free replacements. So if you are looking for good fireproof file cabinets for your business or home office, be sure to check out the authentic manufacturers for total peace of mind.