Fireproof File Cabinets – The Ultimate Hardcopy Version of Database Protection

There is no single business which suffers in times of losing its important documents. And of course, there is no business which would not appreciate fireproof file cabinets. If you come to think of it, any document left at your business office or business premises is important to the business, be it your client list, the partnership papers, billing documents or daily operations contact lists. However, of course, there are some that are more important than others and hence must be kept under lock and key, away from prying eyes, hungry menace and conniving business espionage. Using these fire proof file cabinets would help very much in warding off these undesirable activities.

Arrangements for properly storing your office and business documents are critical, in the case of fire, flood and or other natural disasters that are so rampant and unpredictable nowadays. You will need to know where each document is stored, not only for easy excess, but for practicality.

The IT aspects of your business like the software and system, are obviously stored in your servers and computers. And many companies are doing so for the ease and convenience. However, small businesses are often than not run mostly on a paper-based fashion and this makes storage in fireproof file cabinets so much more important. One might think that a simple file cabinet would suffice, think again. Ordinary ones will heat up and since most are made of untreated metal, conduct heat very quickly, thereby burning up the documents within a short span of time. In fact, they are literally the hard copy version of your IT database storage system, so to speak. Hence, investing in them in case of the potential fire or flood which could happen anytime to any office, shows good business sense indeed.

Fireproof filing cabinets are manufactured meticulously, and are specially coated with a liquid chemical which prevents the cabinet from heating. The lead time before the unit heats up is measured by, for example, UL 350 degree 1 hour insulated fire rating. This would mean that the unit is able to withstand 350 degree Fahrenheit within 1 hour of the burning fire. The temperature can range from 350 to 2100 degrees F, depending on the make, brand, and purpose of the unit. Some units are made to put through high impact stress tests with a 30 feet impact drop test. Others are put through explosion hazard tests as well.

While fireproof file cabinets are an expensive investment, it is a one time expenditure which you could write off as business expenses in most states, and this will give you peace of mind, in times of natural disasters or theft, no unlike buying insurance for protecting your business survival.