Fireproof File Cabinets – The Ultimate Safeguard For Your Files

Imagine the horrific proposition of having all your important customer and business contacts, emailing lists as well as billing information go up in flames. Indeed, that is not what any business owner wants to happen. You need the best protection for all related documents and the most effective security is fireproof file cabinets. They give you the peace of mind that allows you sleep better at night, knowing that your business is secured in good hands.

Before you purchase your fire proof filing cabinets, do your research to understand the protection levels that they can accord you. You can visit your local office supplies store or do your research via the internet.

At the high end spectrum currently available in the market can easily cost about 2,000 dollars per unit. As one of the top of the line fire proof vertical files, the function of fire resistance is key. Of course, at this level of pricing, it should also have been tested and approved for impact, water as well as explosion resilient. To pass the fire resistance test, they must be able to withstand higher than 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit external temperatures and lower than 125 degree F interior temperatures. As for the impact test, it must have endured a crash from 30 feet and more.

Some manufacturers offer wide range of lateral and vertical filing cabinets in two, thee and four drawer sizes, all fire proof to boot. Looking just like their ordinary filing cabinets, they are made to hold up to two hours of fire and heat. Also most of these units are available in ordinary looking shells, giving any unwelcome intruders a hard time in the even of a break in.

Fireproof file cabinets will always cost more than their ordinary counterparts by virtue of the fact that the materials and locking systems do not come cheap. Indeed, the higher the cost, the better is the quality and the greater is your peace of mind.