Fireproof File Cabinets – Why You Should Never Settle For Less

To any organization or small business, office furniture and supplies are necessary investments and fireproof file cabinets should always be amongst the list of office items. The reason is simple enough, that is, in the event of a fire, your important business documents and customer contacts could be lost for good as these information are irreplaceable. And unless you take great pains to protect them from disasters like fire and flood, your business will suffer extensive losses.

No amount of business continuity program can help if you do not include them as part of your planning. In fact, some insurance companies include the installation of fireproof file cabinets as part of the business insurance package requirements.

Although the cost is considerably higher than a normal one, they are well worth the price. Manufacturers coat them with a special liquid which are capable of keeping the interior temperature low. Hence, in the event of a fire, the special liquid kicks in with effect, keeping the temperature below the burning point of paper and thereby ensuring that your important documents are protected.

Fireproof file cabinets are designed deliberately to resemble their regular ones, so that they also deter theft in times of burglary. They are created as such to blend into the overall office furniture and fixtures are well. Like their regular counterparts they are easily found in two, three, or four drawer designs, available in lateral or vertical forms. The lateral design allows you to file different types of documents without having to fold your off sized documents while the vertical ones are usually made for safekeeping legal and letter sized documents.

When researching for the right type of fire proof filing cabinets, focus on the reputed and proven authentic manufacturers. Remember to look out for the warranties that are applicable, namely lifetime guarantees as well as replacement warranties in the event of fire.