Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Fireproof filing cabinets offer an efficient solution for protecting a large volume of files, documents, and paperwork in a safe environment.

A modern, fire-resistant cabinet is able to protect all vital documents, if engulfed in fire, at temperatures are in region of 1700 – 1800 degrees F. A fire safe cabinet will remain locked and intact without ruin of file and papers stored inside. Construction materials often consist of molded resin, gypsum, and steel, as well as coming complete with a heavy-duty locking mechanism for additional security.

FireKing, SCHWAB, and Sentry Safe Groups all produce a complete line-up of impact, fire, and water-resistant file cabinets to safeguard all critical pieces of paperwork in one compact package. A choice of sizes, configurations, and designs ensure that all protection issues are handled, with two, three, or four drawer options accessible. Design wise; expect to find these cabinets as vertical standing, lateral file cabinets, and side-tab or end-tab cabinets.

A filing cabinet in this style is constructed to withstand impact damage, such as a ceiling collapsing on top of it or falling 25 – 30 feet. In addition, a water-resistant cabinet is able to prevent water penetration as a result of fire hose or sprinkler system.

A compact alternative, to a full-sized file cabinet is a relatively small, fire retardant chest for holding a small amount of paperwork, and often comes with a secure key lock. Thousands of home office or business premises circum to the devastating effects of fire, so putting in place steps to ensure the safety of critical documents is a necessity.