Fireproof Floor Safe

It does not do a whole lot of good to keep people from taking your valuables if you can not protect them during a disaster. Should your house ever burn (God forbid), you want your most precious possessions to be safe and sound, and that is why you need a fireproof floor safe. Let's look at some of the best fireproof floor safes that you can find on

This Sentry DS0200 fireproof floor safe is one of the most common online. It is classified for up to 1 hour of fire protection. It will protect data storage mediums such as CDs, DVDs, and memory sticks up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. This Sentry safe has a 3 number combination lock, and is very durable. In fact, it has been tested to withstand a drop up to 15 feet.

This safe has 4 live locking bolts which you can use to bolt the safe to the floor. Let me tell you something – when you get this puppy bolted down, is not nothing gonna move it if you know what I mean. Inside the floor safe is a key rack, and plenty of room to store your most important papers, folders, and legal documents. The interior is roughly 9 "high, 12" wide, and 11 "deep.

Customers that have purchased this product talk about how easy it is to install. Many of them found it convenient to put it in a closet or small room to keep it out of plain view. The safe is very solid and will prove to be very difficult to move should anyone try it – especially if it is bolted to the floor properly. Some people do say that after a while the lock becomes difficult to open. I guess how long the lock lasts depends on how often you have to open and close it, but just be sure to read all the customers reviews so you can get a good feel if this is the right floor safe for you.

And second fireproof floor safe is this DiamondBack GS5930H gun safe. This product is large enough to hold up to 30 guns, and it has "easy-out" gun racks so you do not have to wrestle to remove the guns. It has proven to be fireproof up to 1,250 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has a 1/4 "thick steel door to match its 1/8" thick steel body.

This particular fireproof gun safe is made to be durable. It comes with a Lifetime Fire and Burglary guarantee, so you know DiamondBack believes that they have made a quality product. The door seal is heat activated to protect the contents during a fire. What I like about this product the most is the adjustable shelving. It allows you customize the interior just the way you need it to store your valuables.

Now I suggest you buy your fireproof floor safe online because you will find the best prices and selection. Traditional stores just can not compete as well in this industry, and you will find excellent discounts online without looking very hard at all.