Fireproof Movie Review

A review of Fireproof from a Christian perspective.

Fireproof is a very realistic portrayal of marriage when it is suffering. I was very impressed by Kirk Cameron’s acting and the feeling behind each role in this movie. Many times a Christian movie misses the mark…however, in this case the movie was top notch.

Fireproof shows the major marital struggles of Caleb and Catherine. They are so far apart emotionally that all they do is fight and accuse. A little while into the movie Caleb’s dad gives him a book called the “Love Dare.” He makes his son commit to doing it and walks him through when it seemed like it will never work.

Caleb’s character finds the Lord in this movie and it gives him strength to overcome a powerful stronghold in his life and press on to save his marriage.

As you all know, I do not like to give too many details in my reviews, so I will move on to things to watch for with the kiddies…

There is no actual sexual content. However, there are innuendos to Caleb’s pornography issues AND Catherine has a flirtation with a doctor at the hospital she works at. However, nothing develops that would make it off limits.

As far as violence, there are couple scenes where Caleb and Catherine yell at each other and Caleb screams in her face. He appears to scare her when he does this. There are also a couple of intense fire and rescue type scenes that may scare younger children.

Overall this is an AWESOME movie. I give it a 4 out of 4 stars. I HIGHLY recommend it to all married couples no matter what sate your marriage is in. I also recommend that if you PLAN to get married it would be a great movie to watch. It may prepare you and help you prevent the failings you see in Caleb and Catherine as individuals.