Fireproof Safes For Optimal Home Security

If you have a house fire in your home, obviously, the most important thing is that you and all your loved ones get out of harms way quickly and safely. And in order to assure your personal safety, you will want to have at least working and frequently tested smoke detector on each level of your home. However, your fire safety precautions should not end there. Home security does not stop with protecting the lives of the people in your home; there are a lot of other important things that warrant protection from fire, as well.

The loss of such important documents as birth certificates, social security cards, medical records, insurance policy information, diplomas, and contracts, as well as sentimental items like old photographs and home videos, can cause a lot of technical problems and emotional heartache for you and your family long after the ashes have settled. One of the best ways to increase your home security regarding these things is to invest in  fireproof  safes for your home.

 Fireproof  safes are made to withstand a range of different temperatures. Depending on what you are looking to protect, you will need a safe with specific capabilities. Safes are labeled by “grades”-the higher the grade, the higher the temperatures that the safe can withstand. If you are guarding paper, which burns at temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can get a safe with a lower grade than if you are using the safe to protect media items, like DVDs or videotapes, which are more vulnerable than paper to heat.

Regardless of your specific home security needs, your safe should be able to resist temperatures of no less than 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour – the best safes can withstand as much as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for as many as four hours. Just as the grade and heat resistance varies from safe to safe, so does the price. A small safe that you buy for residential use can be as inexpensive as 50 dollars, while larger safes used by businesses to store more or bigger materials can cost several thousand dollars.

The size of residential safes is key to home security, not just against fires, but also against burglars. Their compact size allows them to be hidden in inconspicuous places where a burglar might not think to look. If you are storing cash or jewelry in your safe, keeping it in a hard-to-find place is important, since those are some of the first things that burglars look for during a break-in.

Fires are not only dangerous for the people living in a home, but they also pose a serious threat to personal property, valuable possession, and irreplaceable mementos. If you are not prepared, a house fire can destroy in a blink of the eye all of the things you hold dear to your heart. Increase your home security by finding a  fireproof  safe that will fit your specific needs and protect all the things that you feel you can’t live without.