Fireproof Safes

Of course everyone has those personal items which they do not want destroyed in case of a fire. So where to store these items becomes a question. Purchasing fireproof safes are a great idea for different parts of the home where you have items which need to be hidden and stored safely. If you are looking for a smaller one just for jewelry or such the Sentry Safe H2300 1/2 Hour Fire Safe / Waterproof Chest may be for you.

The Sentry Safe Chest will cost you around $50.00 and you will be able to fit a few items of choice which you want to save if you ever become a victim of a fire. This Sentry Safe will withstand a fire up to a half hour as well as being submerged in water. You may question how something could be waterproof, but with the insulated interior you will not see anything inside be damaged by water.

With so many different customer reviews this Sentry Safe Chest is a great investment for someone who does not have a lot of items or documents to store in a safe. These types of fireproof safes are recommended to individuals who do not have a lot to store in them to protect from fire or water damage.

If you are looking for something a bit larger you might be interested in the Sentry Safe DS3410. This safe is much larger than a few of the other personal fireproof safes which are available but this one is the one which will give you just that extra room you might be looking for. Many will enjoy this safe due to the value which it will cost, around $200.00.

You will also notice that this safe, unlike a few others, can be bolted into the ground to make sure if your home is broken into, the safe will stay put. The DS3410 will withstand fire for around one hour which will also keep all your valuable belongings and paperwork safe and away from harm if something would happen to the home unexpectedly. You will have the option to use the key or even the dial to access the items in the case. Make sure you register your safes on their personal sites just in case you would misplace a key or even forger the code or you may not be able to get into your own belongings.

Now if you are looking just for a small basic fireproof case, the Sentry Safe 1100 which is a smaller version of the others they have produced will still withstand a fire for a half hour and give you enough room for a few basic documents or even a few items to place in it to keep it out of harms way.

This chest is around $23.00 making it one of the cheapest ones to purchase for basic use. Just remember, a box which is smaller will way much less so if your home would ever be broken into, this safe could be lifted and stolen.

No matter what type of fireproof safes you look at, make sure to read reviews from other clientele and see if they have had any issues with these products. This is a great way to find out if it is worth spending the few extra monies in the end for a better brand.