Fireproof the Movie Review

A flower may wither, but, will it die? That depends on you.

Fireproof the Movie is a story of expectation that captivates you from the very opening scene as Captain Caleb Holt, played by Kirk Cameron, is reaming out another fireman (Eric Harmon) about leaving his partner at the scene of fire a fire. Since the buddy system is supposed to save lives, a man alone in a fire may indicate his partner has fallen. At home, Caleb’s buddy is his wife Katherine, played by Erin Bethea. There is no friendship there and cinematically, they are ships passing in the night. When they speak, all guns fire on both sides leaving the audience wondering how this will ever work itself out.

Enter mom and dad (John and Cheryl Holt) as Caleb is ready to divorce Katherine. Dad has no words of wisdom except for hope to put his plans on hold for forty days and take the “forty day dare.” Day one is rough, but it’s going to get better, right?

Christians who come to this movie will not be disappointed, as will non-Christians who see a message of hope with a little grace in the mix. How can two people come together when she is considering another love interest, and his thrills come from the internet? How long can they pass in the night before love is reignited, or will it be?

As a movie, I was glad Fireproof didn’t use tired themes like putting fireman Caleb in a life and death situation with Katherine sitting by his deathbed replaying their lives until she realizes she loves him. The supporting cast in the fire department (Ken Bevel, Wayne Floyd, and Eric Young) was great demonstrating what it takes to be a man’s man. The comic relief of a not-trying-to-be-nosy neighbor added to the fun of this movie. Also inspiring was the not so usual credits, where the volunteers and donors were recognized for helping to bring this moving to the big screen.

This movie is a joy to watch with your spouse, your best friend, or anyone who has struggled with anything in their marriage over their lifetime. I highly recommend it.